Ybuusti coaching

Do you have a great business idea, but you don’t know how to make it happen? Do you need coaching to clear your thoughts, ideas how to grow, manage entrepreneur’s challenges or possible you are looking for the next big thing for your industry?

With us, you get a professional to work with your ideas, valuate them and we give you a direction how you could commercialize your idea and make it even an international business.

We have a proven track record from business development, domestically and internationally, which we provide to your use. Together we make your ideas profitable.

The purpose and goal of our service 

Our focus is to support the people who want to become successful entrepreneurs by coaching and guiding them what it takes to be one. Simultaneously, we assist with the development of the business idea so you will know how to create a well-functioning company to operate.

The goal of our service is to ensure that our Ybuusti clients have the readiness to operate and live as successful entrepreneurs do. We confirm, that the business idea is reasonable, it can be profitable, sustainable and we guide how the idea is smart to commercialize.

Your idea does not need to be new or complicated, the key is that you want to make it happen.

What our service includes

Our service is for you, as we customise the service totally based on your requirements and needs. We usually include the following items to our coaching, but feel free to ask if you would like to have something different. We are here to help you.

  • We evaluate your business idea and assist you to generate a development plan
  • We innovate your product/service idea and assist with the commercialization planning
  • We improve your supply chain plans by guiding more efficient ways, i.e. we business design your ways to serve your clients
  • We coach you with sales and marketing approaches, e.g. go-to-market strategy, customer reaching, who to sell, how and pricing
  • We advise you with the financing to make your idea become possible
  • We advise you how to setup your accounting and administration.

How we deliver our service

Our service includes 6 effective hours of coaching as part of the TE-office Ybuusti service. We can deliver the coaching in one or more phases, remotely or face-to-face based on your requirements and wishes.

You have to acquire the service via the Ybuusti program funding from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-keskus in Finnish).

Send us an email to we@modify.world or call / text to number +358 400 669 081, and we advice you how to apply the service – or you can visit www.ybuusti.fi to and make an application.

”Excellent start for the day. Modify reviewed my new business idea swiftly and guided how to accomplish it. After their service my feeling was very energized, enthusiastic and trusting. Huge recommendation!”

– Nina Niemelä, Sweducation Oy

”With Modify our challenge got resolved effectively and we also received plenty of development ideas for the future while coached”

– Kalle Kyllönen, Patelanian Imperium Oy.


Modify Consulting Oy Ltd
Ville Manner
Phone: +358 400 669 081
Email: we@modify.world
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