Productivity and change programs

Are you the bottleneck for your company’s growth acceleration, because you cannot complete all of your tasks on time? Are you prosessing a lot, making manual activities, which burn your time from doing things would make the difference, such as sales, advertising or providing better service for clients?

We are with you. Our experience from productivity and change consulting delivers results, our track record speaks from itself domestically and internationally. We have completed projects including new business and service models, repairing process problems, increased productivity by enhancing or changing technology platforms, operating models and improving reporting or information (data) usage.

We are experts in challenging environments requiring chaos management skills. Usually, these environments have an existing change program that has failed and require redesign, restart and professional leadership to complete. We visualise the program goals, so called ”big picture”, and build a deliverable solution for you in no time.

The purpose and goal of our service 

We have years of experience from complex, international change programs, which gave us the knowledge and skills to deliver effective and strategically smart changes for our clients’ benefit. It does not matter if you are a sole trader or a listed, global conglomerate, we can serve you.

The purpose of our service is to help our clients to improve their operational productivity increasing their ability for result-making, efficiency and higher quality service. We assist with the business leadership by developing information gathering, management and usage, so our clients can focus on their core business – where they are the best. We complete the planning and deliver the strategic changes together with our clients.

The goal for our service is to help our clients for continuous improvement, lead their business to more profitable direction and enable it to renew itself when required.

What our service includes

Our service focuses on the operational productivity using skills to improve the ways of working, technology and approach to the market.

Planning of the change strategy

Amending business operation is complicated and always requires changes to the operating model and attention to manage things differently than before. It is smart to plan and organise the aimed amendments beforehand so the implementation of them happens smoothly and effectively. We develop you a change strategy which provides you the path to deliver the changes simultaneously mitigating the interruptions to the existing, As Is business. Our service delivery is fast and agile, through discussions, pre-delivered information and empirical research.

Change management

For completing a successful change, it is mostly about the leadership. The just-in-time approach, transparency and openness are the key aspects to change existing things.

The change management in projects is our core expertise focusing on the communication and leadership skills, to our ability to see the environment holistically and anticipate the activities before problems arise. Our founder developed a chaos management method which have been tested in various international programs with positive results and we use it to make you profitable outcome from our cooperation. 

Productivity consultancy

During our service we analyse your operation together and identify the opportunities for more productive, efficient and profitable business model. We generate solution options from the findings, agree the approach for changes with you and then complete them acting as the project lead / resource.

How we deliver our service

Our service is delivered first face-to-face at your site and remote working is also possible based on your requirements and wishes.

Send us an email to or call / text to number +358 400 669 081.

”Modify made impossible become possible”

– Juho Ojanperä, CBRE Finland Oy


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