Corporate Real Estate consultancy

Are you looking for skills to improve your Corporate Real Estate business? Are cost-savings in mind, but you do not know where and how to make them? Is Yardi Voyager implementation your next challenge or are you planning on acquiring an international property management solution for your business, but do not know how to select one?

We have a proven track record for it. Our experience is from the international Real Estate market where we operated within change programs for over 10 years. We have selected, designed and implemented most of the industry leading solutions, changed the corporations’ ways of working to fit with the solutions and resolved number of operational challenges along the way making new opportunities.

Our skills include for example Yardi Voyager, Qube Horizon, SAP RE-FX, just to name some and plenty of other industry related, internationally and domestically used applications. Our core experience is to plan and lead the technology led change programs. We can also act as a project resource and an adviser.

The purpose and goal of our service

Our skills are learned within the most challenging, international property solution change environments and our aim is to bring that knowledge to your use.

The purpose of our service is to assist our clients to improve their operational productivity increasing their ability for result-making, efficiency and higher quality service. We assist with the program and project leadership, put our hands in dirt to make things happen and guide you to make right choices during the journey.

Our goal is to be a strategic partner for our client when change is in question. We help with the continuous improvement, increase the efficiency and modernize the customer service by digitalization.

What our service includes

We build an implementation strategy with you ensuring that your business processes are improving. We also carry out the implementation as planned. First, we analyse the business swiftly before drafting the plan for your review. With your approval, we organize the activities leading the design, build, test and release phases with experience. We can also manage your project team and handle the supplier relations during the program. After the Go Live, we can offer support and training services.

We have completed various multinational change programs and are skilled with understanding both Finland’s, Nordics and international requirements, legislation and local practices. Together with us, you will find solutions how to make your Real Estate business work with the selected solutions.

How we deliver our service

Our service is delivered first face-to-face at your site and remote working is also possible based on your requirements and wishes.

Send us an email to or call / text to number +358 400 669 081.

”Modify made impossible become possible”

– Juho Ojanperä, CBRE Finland Oy


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