Modify acted as a transition lead in a project to set up a service organisation and a new platform for one of the world’s largest corporate real estate (CRE) service companies. The role sat in London concentrating on leading and coaching the programme team and also the outsourcing client towards a common goal, seamless service processes between two companies.
The delivery of the service organisation included a setup of service centre in Budapest, Hungary and the platform development required a redesign of contracted end-to-end business processes, implementation of new technologies and a data standard to support automation of insights. Leading the programme resourcing and training activities were added to the responsibilities when above deliverables enabled these actions.


Standardise the service model across 16 countries in EMEA.
Generate cost savings c.€50M cost savings and identified revenue opportunities per annum for the outsourcing client.
Transformation of the service, pushing standards and quality higher.
Implementation of a state-of-the-art solution which provides further revenue growth through enhanced service opportunities for the clientele.
Delivery of a scalable business model for the growth of the business in EMEA.


We joined the programme after the client requested assistance with chaos management. One of Modify’s strengths are complex environments where quick organising actions are required to turn the movement positive. We deep-dived into the program specifics providing leadership, planning, guidance and reporting for the 100+ network of technical resources, country organisations, client organisations and vendors. A clear and structured communication, active management and problem-solving for the program challenges set the course back to the promised timeline shortly.

Modify lead the service roll-outs to various countries while simultaneously finalising the non-urgent technical platform parts applying Agile approach. The role included design of new functions, integrations, innovation of bespoked databases and even back-end infrastructure requiring system architecture knowledge. For the business process development, mixture of LEAN thinking and service design methods were introduced.

The assignment involved a lot of modern leadership qualities, such as mentoring, delegation, monitoring and negotiating. Our approach worked well, because we balanced the activities with effective empowering and light-touch hands on working per workstream. This enabled the resources to grow to their best while all 10 workstreams moved steadily forward.


The delivered solution supported the business requirements across many business lines, e.g. transaction management, lease administration, finance operations and real estate management services internationally. The technology platform provided a real-time insight for both service providers and the client teams, tracked contracted key performance indicators (KPIs) and automated lease activities, such as reviews, indexation, breaks and charge free periods to mention some.

The technologies applied within the platform were TM1, Basware, Service Now, Tramps, SharePoint, IBM Sterling, Qlikview and client’s self-developed BAIT software.

The solution integrated 5 key CRE elements to one platform.

Modify provided transaction leadership for the programme ensuring that the delivery was meeting expectations and budgetary boundaries were kept. We guided the management with decisions, worked closely with the client educating them to the new ways, negotiated and managed vendor relationship. Technology related budget and resources were under Modify’s remit, ensuring the platform delivery was completed as planned.


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