Do you have a great business idea, but you don’t know how to make it reality? Or do you already run business, but it is hard to make it grow? We will help you!

We are experts in discovering hidden gems from the existing businesses and/or shaping business ideas to a commercial form so that they will become opportunities with real potential. Our knowledge from business modelling and designing, delivery of large and mid-size operational changes and years of build-up for a good business sense can quickly make your dream business come true.

Innovation together

Book us for a half a day session where you and your team can innovate with us.

What and how?
During workshop we discover the key points of your current doing, challenges and where you are your goals. By doing that, we generate a roadmap to the future and guide you by giving the practical steps towards the goal you wish to achieve.

Why choose us?

Our style for business design is practical, simplified and ground-breaking making it effective and personalised for you.

How to reserve us?

Give us a call or email us on

What does it cost?

Half a day workshop is 300 euros (VAT 0%) + travel expenses.

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