Our main focus is to make your business idea and/or existing business operation become success! We specialise in delivering growth and internationalization by providing our expertise and resources to your use.

We are a partner and an active member of Start Up Lions, Finland’s largest business angel network, and will bring the benefits of the Lions to your use. The benefits we provide are e.g. financing solutions, capital investments, board knowledge, business leadership, administrative, human resources, technology and business development resources across Finland and internationally.

Contact us on we@modify.world to introduce your idea, and we will shortly organise a meeting with you to discuss about the common future as partners.

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Who is Start Up Lions Ltd?

Finland’s leading business angel network founded by high-calibre business leaders with years of experience from building business growth and making capital investments. We are not an ordinary capital invester, because we provide you also the resources for the daily activities and best of all, act as a true partner who cares your business as you do.



Modify Consulting Oy Ltd
Company reg.no. FI09292548
Phone: +358 400 669 081
Email: we@modify.world