Modify was hired to act as an advisor and a coach for a service platform change program by a world’s largest CRE service company. The assignment focused on guiding the Finnish subsidiary with their project but grew to the international scale due our knowledge from the international change program designs and deliveries. The delivery of the service platform included a redesign of all end-to-end business processes, implementation of new technology platform and data model, plus a restructuring of teams and their responsibilities.


Integrate Finnish business to the international technology, data and process guidelines.
Generate cost savings cost savings via the new service platform.
Transformation of mindset internally, increasing the service level and quality.
Create world class online-based solution to provide revenue growth through enhanced service
opportunities for the clientele.
Deliver a scalable business model for the growth of the business in Finland and in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa region)


We joined the programme in the middle of it by the client request. The client needed our expertise to combine and understand the Yardi Voyager based platform and the Finnish business specifics. We approached the assignment by carrying out in-depth discussion with the existing program teams locally and internationally discovering the status of activities, issues and challenges.

After a few days, the local leadership requested an analysis providing a view of the status and risks, due to the significant issues they had been facing. At this point, the roll-out was a couple of months away. We deep-dived into the details uncovering the fact that a large part the design phase was incomplete. The design did not meet the local requirements. Modify proposed that the Go Live would be postponed and design would be completed. The client’s management accepted our recommendation.

The decision to postpone the implementation opened a new era for the preparations and we were asked to lead the local project activities. They started by re-planning the local project timeline and tasks including the redesign for the localisations, data model, integrations and processes together with the client teams. Also, we supported the international program team and other Nordic teams with their challenges. Additionally, to keep numerous technical aspects in progress, we build a bespoke project tracking and reporting package providing daily and weekly insights of progress and risks.

During the assignment, Modify offered a considerable amount of leadership and technical coaching for the client’s management and mentored the key staff with project actions providing intensive learning environment for the subject matter experts.


The solution we designed for the Finnish subsidiary included both common elements from client’s EMEA solution and necessary local requirements for the Finnish business. The outcome included 5 different business applications, integrations, joined data models, which you can see in the associated graph. The re-engineered business processes and new team responsibilities were modelled to work with this technology platform.

The designed platform solution.

Modify coached  and consulted the client’s leadership and the key personnel with both the program activities and general business challenges, providing solution options. We supported with the decision-making by providing additional information and alternative opportunities.


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