Modify acted as a lead designer and implementer for an unseen service solution for a domestically operating water smart meter manufacturer. The client’s target was to transform the ways of working within the provider from a traditional equipment manufacturer to a service-orientated sales company. This was to happen by designing, building and launching a new, modern business model to the market alongside the existing package deal model, opening additional revenue streams from new client sectors and offering alternative, all-inclusive option for the clients.


Revenue growth and more settled income stream from the licencing.
Transformation of mindset internally, increasing the service level and quality.
Create best fit-for-purpose sales process using available, online-based leads data and automation.
Find the methods to delivery significant cost savings for the buyers of the service product.
Innovate a scalable business model which enables the internationalization of the brand.


We approached the task by learning from the existing business model, products, industry in general and from the clientele by interviewing the staff, existing clients and the potential new clients gathering intel for the design. Based on the information, a programme proposal was presented to the board including improvements to the sales and production procedures, technology platforms, the product and for the customer service concepts.

The board approved the programme proposal including various workstreams. The detailed design and build took some months with the external parties managed by Modify. Simultaneously, Modify carried out promoting the new offering, building of sales pipeline of tens of contacts and interests for millions of euros sales opportunities. We also started a pilot negotiation with some of the biggest real estate and construction management operators in Finland.


The change programme included both non-technological and technological aspects across the organisation.

Non-technological parts were designing and introducing a contract-based business model, creating sales and pricing strategies, branding the concept, and redesigning the sales and both internal and outsourced service processes focusing on quality increase, interrupted service, and both behavioural and communication improvements internally.

Technological parts included a design and an implementation of state-of-the-art, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales and customer service modules, which seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV used for back-end and manufacturing operations. Prior this solution, we implemented NAV and Canon Therefore applications ensuring the ERP-environment was ready for the new service business model.

The technology part also covered the enhancements for the customer-facing web and mobile applications, design and implementation of cloud-based IBM Bluemix platform for customer data management, and a design and delivery of business intelligence platform using Microsoft Power BI.

The solution included these steps and functions within a cloud-technology platform, providing 360 view of the activities carried out by the teams and included sub-vendors, automating alerts, workflows and correspondence internally and to the clients.

Modify’s role was to lead all the activities from the beginning, innovating, designing, managing, and reporting the results periodically to the C-suite and the Owner.


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