Modify was asked to join the executive leadership team at Vitae Clean Cosmetics Ltd. and to take the COB role with focus on reshaping the client’s operating model and ways of working across all the functions while leading them to the international growth.


To turn around the sales procedure and streamline the lead to order activities.
To re-direct the resource management so the inefficient activities are mitigated
Re-brand the client’s image, then kick-off the domestic and international advertising activities.
Reshape the administrative and technology functions ensuring they are state-of-the-art and where the automation is maximised.
Lead the multiplying of the manufacturing capacity and simultaneously build-up a modern R&B laboratory for nature art design.

Ways forward

We activated the companies position in the market and reconstructed the approaches to customer service, deal making and production. We have mitigated inefficiencies and doing so, generated positive outcomes for our client and their customers. All this happened in 2 months from the moment Modify joined the client’s team and we are together with the client building a success story to know.

Modify acts as the chairman of the board and also focuses on the operational functions in management, sales, administration and financing. Customer relationship management is in the centre of our focus and we aim to build a unique, value-driven model for our client who thrives from their customers’ success stories. Part of our strategy is strengthening our client’s image by creating marketing ecosystem with many cooperating parties, to provide unprecedented customer service and making decisions based on company’s values and cultural expectations.


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